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Patience a little bit. Easy passing until level three.
Not mention the fun party. Enlightenment is a guarantee.

Don't like Kimchi? We can change to Ganip,凯发娱乐k8com.
Prefer Maureen's cooking? Come back Monday evening.

Don't think about quitting. Helpers will be crying.
Why not passing? Don't beg Jenny. It's called flirting.
No babysitting. Jenny is not your Mommy. Jina is not your Daddy,凯发娱乐k8com. They are not even married.

Still have enemy? Attached to money? Throw away before turn into Gommi.

Why I look goofy? I wasn't like this before practicing,凯发娱乐k8com.

I just keep sitting, until nothing remaining. Don't even remember my name is Catherine.
Check me after completing. I might look very holy!

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